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Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft set up its India operations in 1990.

Today, Microsoft entities in India have over 16,000 employees, engaged in sales and marketing, research, development and customer services and support, across 11 Indian cities – Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida and Pune.

Microsoft offers its global cloud services from local data centers to accelerate digital transformation across Indian startups, businesses, and government organizations.

To Know more visit www.microsoft.com

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Cygnet Digital - Reimagine the Digital Dreams

Welcome to Cygnet Digital, your trusted strategic partner in the world of digital transformation. At the heart of our innovation lies Cygnet COSMOS, a groundbreaking framework that empowers organizations to co-create, co-innovate, and co-ideate, reshaping enterprises across business, intelligence, and customer experience realms.

Our diverse range of services spans Cygnet Domain and Consulting, Digital Engineering, Enterprise Applications, and beyond. We stand as frontrunners in Data, Analytics, AI, IoT, and Automation, and we excel in the realms of Digital Commerce and Experience. Our flagship products, such as Tax Transformation for streamlined tax processes, Cygnet IRP for e-invoicing, and Finance Transformation for informed financial decision-making, demonstrate our commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

As we embark on our journey, our vision is ambitious, yet meticulously focused. We aim for a fourfold growth in key markets, including the Americas, the UK & Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. Our strategic investments extend beyond technology, emphasizing the delivery of tangible business value and outcomes through our next-generation Delivery Organization. At Cygnet Digital, we are not just building applications; we are crafting the future, one digital solution at a time.

To Know more visit www.cygnet-digital.com

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Applied Cloud Computing (ACC) is an AWS-centric company that specializes in empowering startups, enterprises, and SMBs to accelerate their growth on the AWS platform. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, ACC delivers exceptional AWS-native microservices-based products, cloud services, data lake analytics, and industry-specific solutions tailored to the unique needs of BFSI, media, and healthcare companies. Our team of 400+ highly skilled and experienced professionals go above and beyond to provide unparalleled support, helping businesses scale their operations, expand their horizons, and stay ahead in a competitive environment.

ACC's focus on customized offerings ensures a comprehensive overview of the AWS landscape, specialized controls for regulatory compliance, and automated workflow processes. Our expertise is in digitalization, product engineering, compliance, security, analytics, data management, and Gen AI Solutions.

Our innovative technology solutions and superior use cases have been recognized by prestigious awards such as Best FSI Industry Consulting Partner by AWS and Best Application Modernization Platform for Banking and Insurance Companies, and the CIO Choice Award for App Modernization.

With advanced technical expertise, a global presence, and a deep understanding of cloud-native technology, ACC provides a comprehensive range of services including cloud hosting/migration, digitalization, data lake management, and cloud security. We augment the cloud journey with consistency, transparency, and efficiency.

To Know more visit www.appliedcloudcomputing.com

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Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ: MGIC) empowers customers and partners around the globe with smarter technology that provides a multi-channel user experience of enterprise logic and data.

We draw on 35 years of experience, millions of installations worldwide, and strategic alliances with global IT leaders, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce.com, and SAP, to enable our customers to seamlessly adopt new technologies and maximize business opportunities.

To Know more visit www.magicsoftware.com

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With a legacy of 60+ years, Nexdigm provides integrated, digitally driven solutions encompassing Business and Professional Services that help companies navigate challenges across all stages of their life-cycle. Through our direct operations in the UAE, USA, Poland and India, and desks in Japan and Hong-Kong, we serve a diverse range of clients, spanning multinationals, listed companies, privately-owned companies, and family-owned businesses from over 50 countries.

Since 2017, Nexdigm in the UAE has been helping multinational businesses across industries. Nexdigm expertise in handling various compliances globally enables us to leverage experience in navigating newer developments in the regulatory landscape of UAE and the larger GCC region. Nexdigm is present in the UAE through offices in DIFC, Dubai Mainland and Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

Transition to the new paradigm of business with the support of subject matter experts who help you Think Next!

To Know more visit www.nexdigm.com

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BluSapphire is a comprehensive cyber defense platform crafted meticulously from the ground up by BluSapphire Labs. Each aspect of our platform embodies innovation without reliance on third-party tools. We redefine cybersecurity for enterprises, offering cutting-edge solutions at unmatched value and with flexible contract options. We offer Hybrid XDR, MDR Services along with Secure Data Lake, revolutionizing data management in cybersecurity .Our comprehensive suite of products and services empowers your organization's cyber resilience journey.

To Know more visit www.blusapphire.com

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Happay Travel and Expense Management

Happay is the leader in Travel and Expense Management with the most innovative and next-generation technology. With 7000+ customers across 20+ countries, we offer solutions that put old legacy software to rest. As a product, we offer, Configuration flexibility Easy integrations with HRMS, ERP, Accounting, Project management systems, SSO, Company Credit Cards, etc Multi TMC agnostic Mobile-first approach Pre-spend controls & Post spend visibility World-class, responsive customer service

To Know more visit www.happay.com

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EfficientIP is a network security and automation company, specializing in DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI). We promote business continuity and we help organizations drive business efficiency through agile, secure and reliable network infrastructures. Our unified management framework for DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI) and network configurations ensures end-to-end visibility, consistency control and advanced automation. Our unique 360° DNS security solution protects data confidentiality and application access. EfficientIP is the world’s first DDI vendor to have released patented and award-winning innovation features to secure against threats to the DNS infrastructure: specific DNS security solutions that can protect against volumetric attacks,... (Zero-Day, DoS, data exfiltration) even when the source is not identified.

EfficientIP delivers Smart DDI to take network automation and security further. Our unique all-in-one technology helps organizations to simplify and accelerate their strategic IT initiatives by automating life-cycle management of apps and infrastructure, steering application traffic and securing the network from the ground up.

To Know more visit www.efficientip.com